Service Items

The items listed below are available from John Pope 0419 691 869 or 9754 1151
LEG RINGS(SOLD IN SETS OF 10). For a guide to ring sizes click HERE.
Plastic Rings Available in 2.00mm, 2.50mm,and 4.10mm

Plain Colours (12 colours) $4.00 per set

Numbered Colours (12 colours) $8.00 per set

Striped $8.00 per set

Open Aluminium Rings. Available in sizes 4.10mm, 4.60mm, 5.60mm, 6.10mm, 7.30mm

Coloured, Numbered, (6 colours) $ 8.00 per set

Closed Aluminium Rings. Available in sizes 4.10mm $8.00 per set 4.60mm $8.00 per set 5.60mm $8.00 per set 6.10mm $8.00 per set 7.30mm $8.00 per set 8.70mm $10.00 per set 9.60mm $12.00 per set 11.00mm $12.00 per set

Coloured, Numbered, (6 colours)

LOOSE-LEAF COVERS, to hold 2 years of the Australian Aviculture journals $12.50
Egg-Candler, high quality torch with optic fibre probe $36.00
“Ketch-All” Multiple catch mousetrap $48.00
Also NEW baitless mousetraps $11.00
NEW Hospital cage thermostats $40.00
All the above items are available at our monthly meetings or by post. If by post please contact John Pope for costs involved.
 There is also a large range of products from Passwell, The Australian Pigeon Company and the Naturally for Birds range. These products due to weight considerations, are only available at the monthly meeting.
ALL CHEQUES and MONEY ORDERS must be made payable to

Once the order is received John will reply with final costs including postage.