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Guide to Bird Prices October 2019-2020

The price guide for 2019 – 2020 was published in the October 2019 issue of Australian Aviculture.

New members receive a copy of the prices in their New Member’s Kit upon joining. This is a recommended price list for aviary species held in Victoria and members should use this as a useful reference for trading. Prices are invariably lower than commercial prices.
This price list must not be reproduced

From the November 2019 Journal

Birds for Sale
• 1pair of Superbs – Barraband’s (breeding Pair) with 4 young. $350 the lot or a suitable swap of Neophema’s please. 1 pair Silver Cockatiels. $40pr.
• Hooded Parrots, last and this season young, white fronted scarlets.
• R/V Blue Bonnets $60 hens, cock $50. Java Finch $10. Canaries $15.
• 6 y/o unrelated pr blue fronted amazons. Are microchipped and have had a nest box in aviary. $1400.
• Crimson rosellas Two pairs: Blue possible split cinnamon x blue hen, Blue cock. Blue hen should breed this season. Quakers Green split pallid cock x green pallid hen 12 mths old. Slaty head hen two year old. Two black headed Caiques One four year old breeding cock, one three year old not been paired up before. 15 lengths of 25×25 gal box tube 6.5 metre
per length
• Doves: (ringneck) white, Silver, Diamond, 2 Pair White-breasted doves. Finches, Zebra all Colours. (Mannikin White, Fawn Pied, Black Pied.) Java grey. Silvereye. Parrots Budgies babies and adult. Lovebird Masked. Cockatiels Babies and adult all colours. Seed Hoppers Large and medium and small save time and money including chicken Hoppers $90. Cuttlefish Bone- large & small. Aviary breeding Boxes all sizes. From $5 to $20 each. Wire cages large $85 & small $50, Tray for all cages Made to order, Aviary birds trap handmade.
• Zebra 2 cocks, (normal) 2 hens, (fawn) 1 hen (white) all young birds. Heck’s Long Tail (Red) young hen. Gouldians – various colours (young)
• One 2 year old female Hooded Parrot.
• 5 y/o Green wing Macaw cock, $5000.
• Breeding pairs of: Mulgas, R/V Blue bonnets, Cloncurries, Scarlets, Elegants, Bourkes, Golden Shoulders, Western Rosellas, Hoodeds, pairs of Regents, Mallee Ringnecks, Superbs, 28’s, Adelaide Rosellas, young: R/V Blue bonnets, Scarlets, Hoodeds, Mulgas, Cloncurries, Finches: Gouldians r/y/b heads young and pairs, Emblemas, Stars.
• Red Cap cock. Hen Blue Cheek Rosella. Red & Yellow Vented Blue Bonnets. Mulga hens. Mallee Ringneck cock. 3 superb cocks. Plumhead cocks.
• Pair of bonded Pearly conures, unrelated, DNA, and one cock bird Pearly DNA.
• Trio of Ring-necked Pheasants $80, Princess Parrots, pure normal cocks, $40 each.
• Cloncurry hen 11 months old. Uncolored java sparrows.
• Hen Slaty-headed Parrot
• Alexandrines, Princess, Derbyans, Moustache, Indian Ringnecks, Peach face Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Sun Conures.
• Scarlet chested parrot pr.
• Mulgas, Brush Bronze wing pigeon, all birds bred 2018.
• Princess parrots all unsexed.
• King hens, Regent cocks and hen, all birds DNA sexed $100 each.
• Hospital boxes, Winnowers, Water bottle holders, Mouse/rat bait stations. Perch holders, Selling and travel boxes, Mealworm breeding boxes plus small farms in 4 litre containers, Gentles boxes, Ceramic tiles, Metal feeders.
• Mature Moustache hen & young Cocks & Hens. Red Bellied mature hen. Blue Kakarikis. Scarlet Macaw adult hen. Crimson Bellied Conures. Young African Grey (Pet). Split Lutino Cock Quakers & normal hens Related.
• Moustached Parrot Cock $100. Adelaide Rosellas breeding pr $250.Adelaide Rosellas breeding pr $250. Swinhoe’s Pheasant young cock $50. Golden Pheasant cock young $50.
• Various Violet Green Cheeks, Sharp Tailed Conures.
• Crested & crest bred Budgies. Young Cockatiels. Canaries. Yellow Opaline Turks. Pure normal Turks. Bourke Parrots.

Birds Wanted
• 2 x Either Cream or Pink cocks.
• 5 Pairs Black Hearts. 2 Cock Scarlets.
• Finches Double Barred two pairs, Green two pair, Gouldian yellow head two hens, Green Singer hen. Parrots Princess normal, blue cocks.
• Pure normal Elegant Parrot cock.
• Double Bar – White Rump (hen). Star – Normal (Hen).
• Mature cock Moustache parrot