To join The Avicultural Society of Australia Inc.:

When paying by credit card or Direct Debit please email your details to:

or send the Form and Cheques to:

The Membership Registrar,
28 Maroong Drive, Research, Vic, 3095.

or SMS Completed form to 0439 560 975

Please allow two weeks for membership allocation

 Membership Subscription Rates:

Full Membership – Australia…..$50 per year.

Full Membership – Overseas (Credit Card Only)…..$75 per year.

Non Journal Membership…..$25 per year.

Associate Membership (others of a family of a full member), must be partner or children under 18 years of age…..$12 per person, per year.

N.B. Associate Members do NOT receive the Australian Aviculture journal.

Direct Debit Details are:

Westpac Bank

Avicultural Society of Australia Inc.

BSB Number 033 605

Account number 46 2102

Please provide your name and membership number as reference if renewing.