Society News

The Chairman Lou Dall’Est opened the December meeting of the Society at 8.00pm welcoming the 74 members in attendance.

The main business of the evening was the presentation by Lou Dall’Est of 50 Year Certificates to Barrie Wicks and Robert Seal. Both Barrie and Robert spoke briefly about their recollections
of the Society and the many changes over the 50 years of their Membership. Members Ian Gerlach, James Hawking, John Standley, Michael Gardiner, Tim Williams and Mario Gatt were
unable to attend this evening. The Certificates for those unable to attend will be forwarded to the recipients early in the New Year. Lou congratulated all recipients on achieving 50 Years ongoing Membership of the Society.
Lou then called on Gail Mizzi, Ria Pope and Kevin Gadsden. He thanked them for their contribution to the organization and smooth running of the General Meetings throughout the
year. He then gave each a gift of appreciation on behalf of the Members and Committee of the Society.
Lou thanked outgoing Committee Members Mark Reynolds (unfortunately Mark was unable to attend this evening) and Graeme Hocking for their Committee contributions. Lou then presented Graeme with a gift on behalf of the Members and Committee of the Society. In response, Graeme thanked Lou and commented that he had enjoyed his time as Secretary. He also made mention of the friendship and camaraderie made with Society Members and particularly members of the
Committee during his term.

1. Competitions: The Lucky Door Prize was won by Kerri Wright and the Lucky Name Badge Prize was won by Colin Riddiford. Both received a Nest Box donated by Joe Bolyos. The
Raffle winners for the evening were: Hampers donated by ASA were won by: Randal Woods, Jo Wedgwood, Ria Pope and Warwick Remington. Colin Riddiford won the Bag of Seed
also donated by ASA. Lovely Prints donated by Chris Farrell were won by: Kevin Ray, Leah Wedgwood, Tony Lanigan and John Pope. Zu Preem products donated by Matt Baird were won by: Carolyn Pradun, Emmanuel Maric and Marie De Lima. Tea Towels donated by Gina Wilson went to: Charlie Mizzi, Mark Hill and Graeme Hocking. Colin Wilkins won a Jar of Honey donated by Marie De Lima, Gina Wilson donated a Quilt won by Charlie Vella and a Cookie Jar donated by Leah Wedgwood was won by Tas Graham. Finally, Keith Bradford won the Calender.
2. New Members: Lou welcomed the new members and thanked them for attending. He commented that he hoped they enjoyed their association with the ASA.
3. Next Month’s Program: (CF) Panel…”Doves and Pigeons”
4. Lost and Found: (TH) As per last Month…Also lost 2 x 28 Parrots…Melton area
5. Service Items: (JP) at side of hall with John.

1. Once again a discussion regarding Wildlife Licenses was raised….There has been no further information…They are beginning to filter out very slowly…Have your payment details/records available as proof of payment if required
2. Birds for Sale at the back of the Hall exhibited under “Code of Practice”
3. Lou then thanked Members and the Committee, wished them a safe Christmas and Happy New Year and then suggested all enjoy the food and company over supper

Meeting closed at 9.00pm and members enjoyed a chat over supper

Certificate Recipients:
25 Year

  • Anthony Smircic
  • Barry Simpson
  • G.A.Koziol
  • Jeffery Kerr
  • Max Rooke
  • Paul Galea
  • Raymond Scouller
  • Shayne Speechley
  • Tony Gauci
  • William Pocock

50 Year

  • Ian Gerlach
  • James Hawking
  • John Standley
  • Michael Gardiner
  • Tim Williams
  • Mario Gatt
  • Robert Seal
  • Barrie Wicks