Society News

Society News

The chairman, Lou Dall’Est, opened the Wednesday 22nd November, 2023 meeting of the Society at 8:05 pm, welcoming the 53 members in attendance.

Main Feature:

Our program this month was A Life in Aviculture by David Renshaw.

David was introduced by Neville Kleinitz who talked about how David had been a long time friend and has had a long and valuable contribution to Aviculture.

David currently is President of both the Gippsland Branch of the ASA and the Gippsland Caged Birds Society. He is also the Secretary of the VAC.

David’s talk was largely about the birds he keeps. He has a range of both native and exotic parrots. He is very passionate about the various colour mutations of the birds that are available. The photos that David showed featured many stunning birds.

He also spoke about his aviary setup, the feeding regime he has – around an hour a day just to cut up the fruit and vegetables! – also the nest boxes he prefers and how he constructs them.

David was adamant about how it is important to give back to Aviculture what we have been fortunate enough to get out of it. It is an activity that gets you out of bed in the morning, keeps you in contact with a diverse group of friends, keeps the mind active and the body as well. He tells anyone who is getting out of keeping birds to try to maintain at least a few, for your own benefit. He also spoke about how important it is to learn from as many people as possible.

Chris Farrell thanked David for the excellent presentation – David thanked Chris for assisting with the superb photos – and the program was turned over to the members for a number of interesting questions.

General Business:

1: Competitions:

A 20kg Bag of Seed donated by Dandenong Stockfeeds was the major prize for the night won by Tas Graham. Also 2 bags of Trill were supplied by Golden Cob and won by Graham Thornbury and Mark Cameron.

Raffles details:

With thanks to those who donated prizes and congratulations to the winners:

Donors: Marie DeLima, Joe Bolyos, Lee Thornbury and Linda Florey.

Winners: John Pope, Warwick Remington, Peter Booth, Neville Kleinitz, David Montelone, Lee Thornbury, Alex Lannan, Graham Mitchell and Anne-Marie Vujovich.

(Any errors remain the Secretary’s).

2: Treasurer’s Report:

The treasurer’s report was placed upon the board for all present to view. Moved by W. Remington and seconded by Chris Farrell. Carried.

3: December Program – Xmas Breakup 13th December

4: New members: Welcomed by Lou and asked to speak to members if they require any help.

5: Lost and Found: None.

6: Service Items: Remember Rings will be increasing in price at the start of January. We now have ring pliers and carry boxes.

Other Business:

John Pope was congratulated by all present on becoming the ASA’s newest Life Member – Congratulations, John.

VAC – members need to be aware of council by-laws. Many are making it very difficult to keep birds. All it takes is one neighbour making a complaint.

The evening finished at 9:15 pm when Lou thanked everyone for coming. Supper and discussion were provided.