February 2019 Cover:

This month’s articles include:

Understanding the Swift Parrot
by Bill Boyd

Sailing Beneath a Rainbow from Botany Bay
By Graeme Hyde

King Parrot – such a beauty!
By Rosemary Low

Conference Bios

and more…..

January 2019 Cover:


This month’s articles include:

Red-whiskered Bulbuls
By Tom De Graaff

Who the heck was Heck?
By Graeme Hyde

Conference Bios

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December 2018 Cover:

2018 DECEMBER.jpg

This month’s articles include:

The Nanday Conure
By Matt Baird

The Loro Parque Fundación redoubles its effortsto save the Santa Marta Parakeet
By Dr. David Waugh

Bird Clubs and Groups
By Caitlin Stubbs

and more…..

November 2018 Cover:

NOVEMBER 2018.jpg

This month’s articles include:

Turaco Hilton
By Warwick Remington

Book Review
– Psittaculture

Stan Sindel

and more…..

October 2018 Cover:

OCTOBER 2018 Front Cover.jpg

This month’s articles include:

The Eastern Rosella
by Tom De Graaff

The Painted Finch
By Graeme Hyde

GUIDE to BIRD PRICES 2018-2019

and more…..

September 2018 Cover:

September 2018 cover.jpg

This month’s articles include:

The Tricoloured Munia
by Russell Kingston

Art of Aviculture
By Nanda Kishore

Our Current Softbill Mix Recipe
By Steve Sass & Holly Sass

and more…..

August 2018 Cover:


This month’s articles include:

The White-tailed Black – Precariously Perched
by Phil Digney

Unusual Happenings
By Barry Powells

The Birds of Stockyard Point
By John Cryer

Beating Megabacteria
By Deb Clutterbuck

and more …..

July 2018 Cover:

July 2018 cover.jpg

This month’s articles include:

Some Observations on the Painted Button-quail
by Graham Mitchell

The Green-cheeked Conure
by Tom De Graaff

Ballarat Branches 60th Birthday weekend
By Mark Reynolds

The Pellet Debate!
By Alex Lannan

and more….

June 2018 Cover:


This Month’s articles include:

The Double-barred Grassfinch
by Graeme Hyde

Dream To Reality? Starting Your Very Own Bird Park
By Steve Sass (Our July Guest Speaker)

Normal Wild Type Lovebirds Project
By Shayne Speechley,

Loro Parque Foundation’s work succeeds in saving 9 species of parrots from extinction

and more…

May 2018 Cover:


This Month’s articles include:

Norfolk Island Green Parakeet
By Bernie O’Keefe

The keeping and breeding of the Janday Conure
By Stephan Maric

Parrot breeding and training at Loro Parque Fundación
By Rafael Zamora Padrón

Pest Australian Parrots and poor regulations in Western Australia
by Ben Pearce

and more…

April 2018 Cover:


This Months articles include:

The Elegant Parrot
By Warwick Remington,

Squatter Pigeons
By Ken Moore

New lives at LoroParque Fundación
By Rafael Zamora Padrón

March 2018 Cover:

March 2018 cover

This months articles include:

Some Notes on the Biology and Aviculture of the Wompoo Pigeon
by David Rushton

Training Birds to avoid Predators
By Barrie Wicks

The Way It Was – Part Two
By Barry Powells

More on Bourke’s
By Deb Clutterbuck

Start of the breeding season at Loro Parque Fundación
By Rafael Zamora Padrón

February 2018 Cover:

Aviculture Journal FEB 2018 COVER

This months articles include:

The African Masked Lovebird
Or, Everything that’s Old Becomes New Again.
By Ken Moore

Hybridising In Nature
© Don Burke

Uniting a Global Community – The International Parrot Conference
By Alex Lannan

Geelong Branch still up and running

Conservation Corner

January 2018 Cover:

Jan 2018 cover.jpg

This months articles include:

The Red-cheeked Cordon-bleu
By David White

Aviculture and Threatened Species – Finding a way forward

Outstanding breeding stock of 2017 at Loro Parque Fundación
Rafael Zamora Padrón

The Plum-headed Finch
By Graeme Hyde

Ararat Branch Celebrates 30 Years!

The Society’s monthly journal Australian Aviculture is issued 12 times per year and posted to members. It is professionally printed and contains a wide variety of original articles on aviculture and features numerous colour photos.
An example of the journal is available here.

January 2017

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