Leg Ring Guide

The Following Is A Guide ONLY

Small Finches,Fires,Orange breasts, Zebras,Wrens 2.00mm
Large Finches,Gouldian,Bengalese,,Chestnut and smaller Canaries 2.50mm
All Neophemas, Budgerigar, Diamond Doves, Javas, Button Quail 4.10mm
Lovebirds, Little Purple crowned Lorikeets,Hooded, Fig parrot 4.60mm
Cockatiel, Small Rosellas, Mulgas, Bluebonnet, Swift, Kakariki 5.60mm
Eastern, Northern and Palehead Rosellas, Plumhead Parrots 6.10mm
Indian Ringnecks,Kings,Superbs ,Rainbow Lorikeets 7.30mm
Derbyan,Moustache, Port Lincoln,Alexandrine 8.70mm
GangGang, Cockatoos 9.60mm
Major Mitchells, Corellas, Electus and African Grey 11.00mm