Update: Program

Australia and Worldwide we will finish with a zoom presentation on the Golden-shouldered Parrot by Steve Murphy at 8:00 pm on Wednesday the 15th December 2021.

Below is an introduction to Steve and the talk regarding this spectacular Australian Parrot that needs help to survive. 

Steve Murphy (PhD ANU) has worked on some of Australia’s most threatened species including Night Parrots, Gouldian Finches, Palm Cockatoos and now Golden-shouldered Parrots. He holds a part time role with University of Queensland, co-supervising some outstanding students who are working on very difficult conservation problems. Steve is an applied ecologist – focussing on understanding what actions species need to help them thrive, and then assists in implementing those actions. He sits on several recovery teams, including Golden-shouldered Parrots. 

Note the Golden-shouldered Parrots are an antbed nesting specialist, along with Hooded Parrot and the lamentably extinct Paradise Parrot. They have declined dramatically on the Cape, both in range and numbers, and urgent work is needed. Steve is the ideal man to run this project. 

In 2019 Steve and Sue Shephard started the Artemis Nature Fund & he acts as its secretary. In this role, Steve coordinates the habitat restoration work on Artemis, including plan development & implementation, fundraising, accounts, OH&S, data management & reporting.