Update: For Sale

From the February 2020 Journal

Birds for Sale:

For Sale:


• Golden Shouldered Parrots young, Quakers green split blue. Moustached, Purple Crowned Lorikeet cocks; Janday Conures cock; Scaly Breasted Lorikeet Olive and Normal split Olive hens; all DNA sexed.

• Emblemas. Gouldians, Australian Yellow and splits.

• R/V Blue Bonnets $60 hens, cock $40. Java Finch $10.

• Crimson rosellas Two pairs: Blue possible split cinnamon x blue hen, Blue cock. Blue hen should breed this season. Quakers Green split pallid cock x green pallid hen 12 mths old. Two black headed Caiques One four year old breeding cock, one three year old not been paired up before. 15 lengths of 25×25 gal box tube 6.5 metre per length

• 2 Pair Ground-dove White-breasted $100 pr. Finches, Zebra all colours, Mannikin White, Fawn pied, black pied. Java grey $10ea. Silvereye $20ea. Parrots Budgies babies and adult. Lovebird Masked normal, Fischer, Peachface pied. Cockatiels Babies and adult all colors. Seed Hoppers large, medium, Small save time and money. Chicken Hoppers $90. Cuttlefish large & small. Aviary breeding Boxes all sizes. From $5 to $20 each. Wire cages large $85 & small $50. Trays for all cages Made to order, Aviary birds trap handmade.

• Crimson-bellied Conures, DNA sexed 2018 hen and DNA sexed 2019 cocks and hens.


• Regents (2017 bred), Major Mitchell Cockatoo (3 yo), Wonga Pigeons (young), Diamond Doves, Blue Wing (C), Cockatiels (H & C), Scarlets (2 x C), Western Rosella (C)

• FREE- 3 x Budgies blue & white mix (Hens)

• Mulga cock bird.

• Unsexed Princess parrots.

• King Hen, Regent cocks and hen, all birds DNA sexed $100 each.

• Hospital boxes, Winnowers, Water bottle holders, Mouse/rat bait stations. Perch holders, Selling and travel boxes, Mealworm breeding boxes plus small farms in 4 litre containers, Gentles boxes, Ceramic tiles, Metal feeders.

• Red Cap cock. Hen Blue Cheek Rosella. Red & Yellow Vented Blue Bonnets. Mulga hens. Mallee Ringneck cock. 3 superb cocks. Plumhead cocks.

• Cloncurry hen 11 months old. Uncolored java sparrows.

• Alexandrines, Princess, Derbyans, Moustache, Indian Ringnecks, Peach face Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Sun Conures

• Mature Moustache hen & young Cocks & Hens. Red Bellied mature hen. Blue Kakarikis. Scarlet Macaw adult hen. Crimson Bellied Conures. Young African Grey (Pet). Split Lutino Cock Quakers & normal hens Related.

• Moustached Parrot Cock $100. Adelaide Rosellas breeding pr $250.Adelaide Rosellas breeding pr $250. Swinhoe’s Pheasant young cock $50. Golden Pheasant cock young $50.

• Various Violet Green Cheeks, Sharp Tailed Conures, Sun Conures. White Bellied Caiques.

• Crested & crest bred Budgies. Young Cockatiels. Canaries. Yellow Opaline Turks. Pure normal Turks. Bourke Parrots.


• Parrots: Rocks. Finches: Pictorellas, Crimsons, Painted. Softbills: White-cheecked honeyeaters. Quail: Painted Button Quail. All young birds. Willing to freight at buyers expense ex Adelaide.



• Dusky Lori Hen; Red Winged Parrot hen; Regent Parrot hen or consider pair. Finches; Double Bars Black Rumped, Diamond Firetails, all pure no sub species hybrids or mutations please.

• Red faced parrot finch (c), Pair Orange breast, African Fire Tails all unrelated if possible.

• Finches Double Barred two pairs, Green two pair. Parrots Princess normal cock. Elegant two pied cocks

• Canaries, Budgies, Cockatiels


• Young unrelated pr of Vosmerai Eclectus, Harkaway

• Diggles black throated finch pair. Ballarat

• Little lorikeet hen. Blackwood

• Mature cock Moustache parrot Hamilton

• 3 pairs of White Eared Masked finches, 1 hen peaceful dove, 1 pair spinifex pigeons (DNA), 1 pair Squatter pigeons. 1 pair of swift parrots. Ballarat.