Update: For Sale

BIRDS FOR SALE as listed in the July 2018 Journal

Birds for Sale

Red-vented Blue Bonnet cock $60 superb hen $60.
Cordon Blue pairs (Young birds) Eclectus hen bird (4 year old) Blue Fronted Amazon, Male (8 year old)
1 Proven pair DNA’D Green Cheek Conures App 20 mths old $120. 1 x Bonded pair DNA’D Yellowside Conures App 14 mths old $140 or 2 pairs $240.
Finches: Painted Red and Yellow and spare cocks, Red Faced Parrot cock birds, Longtailed yellow billed cocks, Star normal, Plum headed, Cordon Bleu cocks. Masked Doves.Parrots: Scarlets normal and spare hens and white fronted hen.
Zebra finches.
Genuine normal Bourke’s (no colour mutations).
Doves: (ringneck) white, Silver. Talpacoti, Senegal, Diamond, 2 male green winged. Finches, Zebra all color,Mannikin all varieties. Red browed, Goldfinch, Canarys, Quail King Japanese,Califomian, Bob white,1pair thrush song. Parrots Kakariki, blue Princess, Budgies babies and adult, Lovebird Masked, Peach pied, Fishers, Cockatiels: Babies and adult all color. Seed Hoppers Large and medium and Small save time and money. Cuttlefish Bone- large & small. Avairy breeding Boxes -all sizes. From $5 to $20 each. Wire cages large $85 & small $50,Tray for all cages Made to order, Aviary birds Trap handmade.

Breeding Pair 28’s plus young, 3 cocks and 2 hens.
Ringnecks 2015 Violets and Pastel Violets. Breeding pair of Moustache.
Plumhead parrot coloured prs. Blue & Gold Macaw pr (cock possible split Opaline). Adult Scarlet Macaw hen-ex breeding hen. Red front yellow opaline Turks. Crimson Bellied Conures Cock. Young White Bellied Caquies. Black Headed Caquies & a mature hen. Mature Quaker cock Moustache.
Crested & crest bred Budgies. Rosa Bourkes. Young Cockatiels. Normal Turks. Red fronted yellow Opaline Turks.
Pineapple Green Cheek Conure DNA cock $150. Pineapple Green Cheek Conures young unsexed $120 ea. Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conure $80. Alexandrine breeding pr $300 spare hen $150. Hand-reared pet hen $200. Moustached Parrot unsexed $80. Plumb Headed Parrots unsexed $120 ea. Indian Ringnecks Mature Pastel Grey hen $80 ea Green cock $50. Indian Ringnecks Young unsexed Blue $50 ea Violet $80. Green/ Blue Quaker unsexed $100. White King Quail prs $50. Blue Bonnet $80.Superb Parrots young unsexed $70 ea. Eastern Rosellas Golden Mantle cocks $100 ea. Eastern Rosellas Red/Lutino/Black cock $150, Red/Black hen $100, Normal/Red/Lutino/Black cock $80 Normal/Black hen $60. Adelaide Rosellas breeding pr $250. Golden Shoulder Cock $80. Swinhoe’s Pheasant young cock $50. Golden Pheasant cock young $50.
King Quail 2 cock birds. Bourke Parrots Cocks & Hens.
3 Cock bleeding hearts $80 each.
Pr Unrelated Maroon Bellied Conures, White Bellied Caique Hen.
Red Fronted Opaline Turqs,
Blue Cheeked Rosellas, 2c & 1h $100 each ono related.
Blue gouldians & splits. australian yellows & splits. normal black headed pairs. Scarlets, Rosa bourkes, Cream cock bourkes.
Grand Eclectus Male $1250.
Diamond doves. 2 Mulga Parrots ( C ) Cockatiels (normal). Pheasants-Lady Amherst ( C) Western Rosella’s (young).
Aviary sell out – Moustached parrots $275, 2 Bonded pairs mature Sun Conures $600 each, Bonded pair Eclectus parrots $1250.
Pure wild type 2017 scarlet 1 hen. Pure wild type Goulidans Red cocks only. Pure Wild Type hooded 2y/o pair first time breeder’s old Geelong strain, Young budgies, opalines, violets and others, not English. “Paradise Lost” Stunning A3 Print of cock paradise parrot landing on termite mound nest hollow, wings spread tail spread you have not seen a representation like this $85, discount on 2 and sent by registered post.
Scarlets. Pink Bourke’s. Princess. Red and Yellow Vented Blue Bonnets. Mallee Ringnecks. 1 y/o Cloncurry Cock. 1 x 2016 bred Regent hens. Mature Superb cocks. Crimson Rosellas. Moustache hen & cocks. 4 & 1 y/o Parent reared Red Tail Black Cockatoo (magnificus).
Regent parrot hen 2016 bred, Lutino Turqs, Western Rosellas, Normal princess, King quail brown and silver.
Green cheeks: pineapple hen &yellow side cock, both S/S. Barraband hen S/S. Blue princess.
Brush Bronze wing pigeons, Redcap Hen, Blue Wings, Princess parrots
Budgies, Zebra finches ,Cockatiel males, Quakers sexed blues, Indian ringneck assorted colours including buttercups, pieds and splits fully coloured Crimson bellied conures 2 unrelated pairs and Pied red fronted Kakarikis.
28’s – 1 male 2017 hatch , Kings – 1 male 2016 hatch.
Chestnut breasted manikin – DNA cock bird, Hen Eastern Rosella.
Hospital boxes, Winnowers, Water bottle holders, Mouse / Rat bait stations, Perch holders, Record holders, Selling and travel boxes, Mealworm breeding boxes, Gentles boxes, Ceramic tiles. Metal feeders. Most items can be made to your size / design.

Birds Wanted
Finches, normal Red Faced, Star normal.
Fruit Dove Hens –Purple Crown or Rose Crown. Will travel for these birds.
Pure Diggles & Parson finches, one hen or a pair plum headed finches.
Pure Normal Red and Yellow Crowned Kakarikis, pairs or single birds, no splits or mutations. Pr Black Rumped Double Bars

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