Update: For Sale

BIRDS FOR SALE as listed in the January 2019 Journal


A set of Australian Aviculture journals from 1965 to 2017. In excellent condition. The best offer will be accepted by the Society.
Gouldians – normal – black headed and yellow headed. All young birds. Gouldians – BlueBacked. Plumheads. Blue-faced Parrot Finches – males only.
Cockatiels, pure wild-type. This season’s cocks and hens, $20 each.
Parrots Moustached young hen.
Doves: (ringneck) white, Silver.Talpacoti, Senegal, Diamond, 3 male green winged, Ground-dove white-breasted. Finches, Zebra all color, Mannikin all varieties, Red browed, Jave, normal pied & white. Quail King Japanese. PARROTS: Kakariki, Budgies babies and adult. Lovebird Masked, Peach pied, Fishers. Conure pineapple. Rosella westem red-backed. Cockatiels: Babies and adult all colours. Seed Hoppers Large and medium and Small save time and money. Cuttlefish Bone- large & small. Aviary breeding Boxes -all sizes. From $5 to $20 each. Wire cages large $85, small $50,Tray for all cages Made to order, Aviary bird Traps hand made.
Crimson finch pair. cock is 2 yrs old and the hen is 4 yrs old. will sell the 2 for the price of one.
Mulga Parrots pairs and spare males (cheap!), Golden Shouldered Parrots. Plum head Parrots.
Quakers green split blue. Moustached. Buru Red Loris, Janday Conures all DNA sexed.

9 Crimson Belly Conures (4 pairs and 1 cock). 1 pair 3 yr old Hahns Macaws. 1 pair yellow napped Amazon’s. 1 pair yellow crowned Amazons (1 young this season). 1 pair breeding Blue fronted Amazons. 1 pair yellow streaked lories (4 years). 1 male chattering Lori. 1 male ornate Lori. 1 male yellow streaked Lori (12 months). 1 female yellow streaked Lori (4 months).
1 Adelaide Rosella [m], 1 Yellow Sided Conure [m], 1 Green Cheek Conure DNA [m], 3 young maroon bellied conures. DNA results pending, 3 young Alexandrines. DNA results pending,
1 pair blue Quakers DNA, Bourkes Parrots.
Diamond doves, 2 x Mulga Parrots (C), Cockatiels (C), Pheasants-Lady Amherst (C),
Regent (Hens) Bred 2017 $60, Superb (H & C, related) $60, Red Vented Blue Bonnets (related) $50, Western Rosella’s $60, Cockatiel (H) Bred 2017 $25. All PURE SPECIES.
Black masked Dove (C) $20, Lady Amherst Pheasant (C) $50, Budgies $12, Zebras $4
Breeding pair of Malee Ringnecks. Breeding pair of Blue cheeks. Breeding pair of pure Alexandrines. Young dna hen Alexandrines. Young Blue throat conures. Young dnad white bellied Caiques.
Mature Moustache hen. Red Bellied mature hen. Black Headed Caique mature hen. Blue Kakariki,s. Blue & Gold Macaw. Crimson Bellied Conures.
Moustached Parrot Cock $100. Adelaide Rosellas breeding pr $250. Swinhoe’s Pheasant young cock $50. Golden Pheasant cock young $50.
Bourke Parrots Cocks.
White Bellied Caiques, Brown Throated Conures, Sun Conures, Various Violet Grren Cheeks, Hand Raised hen Eclectus.
Hooded Pair, 1st time breeders, very old Geelong strain. Scarlets, this seasons. Gouldians, Red & Orange Head, ALL ABOVE Guaranteed Pure Normal; Few Black Head Gouldians. Stunning A3 Color prints Cock Paradise Parrot on Termite Mound, wings and tail spread, you’ve not seen a representation like this. $85.00 – Discount on X 2, inc regd post. Can download pic for viewing. Over 40 years breeding experience.
1 pair Hoodeds 18mths old $100, 2 Hooded cocks 12mths old $40ea, Cloncurry hen 12mths old $100 2 this year’s Cloncurrys $80ea, normal Scarlets yng $30ea, Kings 2017 bred 1 cock and 2 hens $120ea, 3 Kings this year’s young $100ea, 2 young Eastern Rosella, (c’s) $25ea, young Mulgas, $40 hens $20 cocks.

Parrots; Crimson wing male, Pied Kakariki hen, Mulga 1 hen and 2 males. Finches; (Pairs) Diamond Firetail, Emblemas-red and yellow, African Fires, Cordon Blue, Stars, Cut Throat, Cuban, Parrot Finches-any colour.
Normal red Kakarikis (pure no mutations).
Mature hen Sulphur crested cockatoo, hen Malabar.
African Fire three hens. Red Faced Parrot three hens. Cordon pair. Emblema yellow three hens. Double Barred two pairs. Green two pair. Jacarini mature cock. Pair of Cuban plus spare hen. Gold hen.
Bourke hens, 1 & 2 year olds.
Rock Parrots; Moustached Parrot female; Dusky Lori female. Finches; Black Throated Black Rumped; Double Bars Black Rumped; Heck’s Long Tails, all pure no sub species hybrids or mutations please.
Masked Love Birds, Hecks, Star Finches, Black hearts. 

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