Update: For Sale

From the September 2019 Journal

Members’ Notices – Birds for Sale

Metro area

Rosellas Western cocks from $60 each.

Scarlets and cockatiels- white faced females.

Red capped Dna young hen. Red vented blue bonnet young male.

Normal cock Turq 1 y/o $30. Javas $10. Large Fawn Zebras $5

Mulga Parrots spare males $20 each, Golden Shouldered Parrots. Plum head Parrots.  Quakers green split blue. Moustached. Buru Red Loris, Purple Crowned Lorikeet cocks; Janday Conures cocks; Scaly Breasted Lorikeet Olive and Normal split Olive hens; all DNA sexed.

Doves: (ringneck) White, Silver. Senegal. Diamond, 2 Pair White-breasted. Finches, Zebra all colour, (Mannikin White, Fawn pied, black pied.). Goldfinch. Painted. Emblema. Canaries. Silvereye. Parrots: Budgies, babies and adult. Lovebird Masked. Cockatiels, Babies and adult all colour. Seed Hoppers Large and medium and small save time and money. Cuttlefish Bone- large & small. Aviary breeding Boxes -all sizes. From $5 to $20 each. Wire cages large $85 small $50,Tray for all cages Made to order, Aviary birds trap handmade.

Emblemas, Green Singers, Siskins, All young birds.


Yellowtail hen young parent raised. Cloncurry hen 11 months old. Uncolored java sparrows.

1 x Female Yellow streaked lorrie 10 months DNA $1,000. 1 x Male Nanday Conure 10 months DNA $80. 1 x Male and Female Peacock 12 months related $100 each. 4 x Pairs Purple Crown Lorries $250.00 pair. 1 x breeding pair Yellow Streaked Lorries 4 year’s old $3,000 pair. Bank of 12 Budgie or Canary breeding cages $380. Various size Aviaries Price on application and negotiable.

1 x 2014 Red Tailed Black Cockatoo (magnificus) male. 2 x Golden Shoulders cock. 2 x Yellow Rosella cock. 1 x RV Blue Bonnet hen. 1 x YV Blue Bonnet hen. Ark Angel Pigeon males.

Golden Shoulders. Crimson Finch.

RV Blue Bonnets – Pair & hen. Mulgas. Black Headed Nuns. Blue Wings. Normal Gouldians. Stars. 1 x Rock hen. Diamonds. 1 x W.B. Crimsons cock. Turquoisine. Chestnuts.

1 x pr Superb. Princes Parrots – Green, Blue, Yellow, Lime, White Lime/Yellow Lime. Alexandrine – young cock & hen.

Superb – 1pr & 1 Cock. Mallee – 2pr & 2 cocks. YV Blue Bonnet – 1pr & 1 cock. Eastern Rosella – Normal cock, Black cock, Cinnimon Opaline hen.  28 – cock. Barbary doves.

Indian Ringnecks – young – Blue, Lemon/Grey, Green. Cockatiels – Breeding age – Cinnamon/pearl & normal. Peach faced lovebirds – young – Blue.

1 pair Janday Conures.  1 pair Moustache Parrots.  Blue Winged Parrots.  Male Hooded Parrot.

Crimson Bellied Conure 1 yr old DNA Cock. Young cockatiels and budgies.

Long Tails (related) $15 each Bred June and August 2018.

Alexandrines, Princess, Derbyans, Moustache, Indian Ringnecks, Peach face Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Sun Conures.

Scarlet chested parrot pr.

Mulgas 2018 bred.

Western rosella, Princess parrots All birds unsexed.

Hospital boxes, Winnowers, Water bottle holders, Mouse/rat bait stations. Perch holders, Selling and travel boxes, Mealworm breeding boxes plus small farms in 4 litre containers, Gentles boxes, Ceramic tiles, Metal feeders.

Mature Moustache hen & young Cocks & Hens. Red Bellied mature hen. Blue Kakarikis. Scarlet Macaw adult hen. Crimson Bellied Conures. Young African Grey (Pet). Split Lutino Cock Quakers & normal hens Related.

Moustached Parrot Cock $100. Adelaide Rosellas breeding pr $250.Adelaide Rosellas breeding pr $250. Swinhoe’s Pheasant young cock $50. Golden Pheasant cock young $50.

Various Violet Green Cheeks, Sharp Tailed Conures, Sun Conures.

Crested & crest bred Budgies. Young Cockatiels. Canaries. Yellow Opaline Turks. Pure normal Turks. Bourke Parrots.


Metro Area

Finches  African Fire three hens, Red Faced Parrot three hens, Emblema yellow three hens, Double Barred two pairs, Green  two pair, Gouldian yellow head two hens, Green Singer hen. Rosellas Up to five Western hens over a year plus old. Eastern two cocks.

2 Cream Bourke cocks and 1 Pink cock.

2 pr Orange breasted waxbills. 1 pr St Helena. 2 pr African fire. 1 pr normal Gouldian. 1 pr Blue face parrot finches. 1pr Red faced parrot finch.

Dusky Lori Hen; Red Winged Parrot hen; Northern (Browns) Rosellas. Finches;  Double Bars Black Rumped, Diamond Firetails, all pure no sub species hybrids or mutations please.


Yellow Sisken – cock. Hecks – cock.

Purple Crowned Lorikeet pair. Stubble quail cock or pair. Diggles black throated finch pair.