Update: For Sale

BIRDS FOR SALE as listed in the May 2019 Journal

Birds for Sale
Wild type turqs breeding pr $70. Red backed Western rosellas, good colour 2yo $300pr. Rock parrot cocks DNA’d $140ea. Ornate lory cock 2yo $550.
Parrots, Redcaps young pair DNA tested. Princess Green split DNA tested. Red vented blue bonnet and mulgas normal turqs and scarlets all young.
Black-breasted Button Quail. Peaceful Doves. Blue-winged Parrots. All normal young birds.
Peach faced lovebirds. Violets and Blues. $20 each. More information and photos available on request.
DOVES: (ringneck) white, Silver, Senegal, Diamond, 1 Pair green winged, 2 Pair
White-breated dove. Finches, Zebra all colours, Mannikin all varieties, Java Normal,
Pied. Canarys, Silvereye. Parrots Budgies babies and adult. Lovebird Masked. 3 Pair Scarlet-chested normal, Cockatiels: Babies and adult all colours. Seed Hoppers Large and medium and small save time and money. Cuttlefish Bone- large & small. Aviary breeding Boxes -all sizes. From $5 to $20 each. Wire cages large $85 small $50,Tray for all cages Made to order, Aviary birds trap handmade,
Normal Turqs $30. Chestnuts $20. Javas $15. Fawn Zebras $5
Pearly Conures breeding pair and 2018 DNA-sexed hens. Crimson-bellied Conures 2018 DNA-sexed hens and cock, fully coloured. Princess Parrot’s normal green 2018 cocks and hens.
Rosellas Western cocks from $60 each.
Mulga Parrots spare males (cheap!), Golden Shouldered Parrots. Plum head Parrots. Quakers green split blue. Moustached. Buru Red Loris, Janday Conures all DNA sexed.

Scarlets Pure Wild Type. not many left. Gouldians Pure Wild Type, Red heads and a few black and orange heads. “Paradise Lost” Stunning A3 Colour prints of cock Paradise Parrot on termite mound, wings and tail spread. $85.00 – Discount on multiple orders, inc Reg post. Can download pic for viewing.
1 x 2014 Red Tailed Black Cockatoo (magnificus) male. 2 x Golden Sholders cock. 2 x Yellow Rosella cock. 1 x RV Blue Bonnet hen. 1 x YV Blue Bonnet hen. Ark Angel Pigeon males. (Swan Hill)
Golden Sholders. Crimson Finch. (Swan Hill)
RV Blue Bonnets – Pair & hen. Mulgas. Black Headed Nuns. Blue Wings. Normal Gouldians. Stars. 1 x Rock hen. Diamonds. 1 x W.B. Crimsons cock. Turquoisine. Chestnuts. (Beverford)
1 x pr Superb. Princes Parrots – Green, Blue, Yellow, Lime, White Lime/Yellow Lime. Alexandrine young cock & hen. (Nyah)
1 x pr & 1 male Superb. Mallees. YV Blue Bonnets. Eastern Rosella – Normal, Golden Mantel, Black cock, Cinnimon Opaline hen, Mulga -cock, Quaker – pair & cock, Princes – Blue split cock, Major Mitchell – breeding pr, Barbary doves.  (Kerang)
Painted Emblemas. Red Faced Parrot finches. Diamond Firetails. Long tails. Cordon Blues – red beak. Jacarinis. Gouldians – Normal, Blue, Split Blue. Scarlets – young. Spinifex Pigeon – young cock. (Donald)
Indian Ringnecks young Blue, Lemon/Grey, Green. Cockatiels breeding age Cinnamon/ pearl & normal. Peach faced lovebirds young Blue. (Koraleigh)
Parrots FREE to members due to rationalizing aviary species. 1x Pair Regents (5 yr old) 3x Red capped (2 c 1 h unrelated, 5yr old) 2x Cloncurry- hens (2 yr old unrelated). Benalla Area
Block of 6 laminated breeding cabinets, 4ft x 2ft x 15” suitable for breeding neophema size birds excellent condition. (Echuca)
After 60 years of breeding birds it’s time to retire and the following birds are available: 1 25y/o cock red tail black cockatoo, breeding pairs and young Indian Ringnecks various colors. Breeding pairs and young red fronted yellow opaline turqs, exceptional colour with red on back, tail and full red fronts. (Shepparton.) Can deliver to Melb meeting.
Alexandrines, Princess, Derbyans, Moustache, Indian Ringnecks, Peach face Lovebirds, Cockatiels, Sun Conures.
Black hooded Yellow Siskin hen. Ballarat
2018 Bred: Alexandrines, Blue Princess, Barrabands. Ringnecks: Violets, Lutino, Sky blue, Grey. Pineapple Green cheek Conures. Blue cheek rosellas.  Ballarat
2018 Bred: Adelaide Rosella Cock- S/S, Moustched Hen S/S Redrumps split Opalines. Ringnecks young Lutino, Cinnamon lacewings. Ballarat
Normal Scarlet chested parrots cocks and hens, Normal Elegant parrots, Red Vented Blue Bonnets DNA sexed. All birds are 2018 bred. Ballarat
Blue Wings and Mulgas All birds bred 2018.  Ballarat
Regents, Western rosella, Princess parrots All birds unsexed. Ballarat
Hospital boxes, Winnowers, Water bottle holders, Mouse / rat bait stations. Perch holders, Record holders, Selling and travel boxes, Mealworm breeding boxes plus small farms in 4litre containers, Gentles boxes, Ceramic tiles, Metal feeders. Most items can be made to your size or design. Ballarat
Mature Moustache hen. Red Bellied mature hen. Black Headed Caique mature hen. Blue Kakarikis. Blue & Gold Macaw. Crimson Bellied Conures. Benalla
Adelaide Rosellas breeding pr $250. Swinhoe’s Pheasant young cock $50. Golden Pheasant cock young $50. Bendigo
Bourke Parrots Cocks. Cobram East
Various Violet Green Cheeks, Sharp Tailed Conures Shepparton
Hen & Cock Blue cheeks. Young dna hen Alexandrines. Young Blue throat conures. Hamilton

African Grey (unrelated bonded pair parent raised) Also various age parent reared young. Crimson Rosellas (Blue, Cinnamon, Ivory plus splits). Galahs (Lutino plus Cinnamon splits). Black Easterns, Cinnamon Adelaides. Princess (Yellow, White, Cinnamon, Blue, Silver plus various splits). Black Masked Lovebirds plus all new colour (Grey Green) available in Grey single + Double Factor. Callington SA

Birds Wanted
Dusky Lori female. Finches; Double Bars Black Rumped all pure no sub species hybrids or mutations please. Yarra Valley.
African Fire three hens, Red Faced Parrot three hens. Emblema yellow three hens. Double Barred two pairs, Green pair, Gouldian yellow head two hens, Star red head cock, Rosellas UP to five Western hens about a year plus old.
Fruit pigeon hens: Rose crown and Purple crown hens. Flock Pigeon hens x 2. Hooded Parrot Hen

Yellow Siskin cock. Hecks cock
Masked finches wanted. Maldon
Brown swamp quail hen, Stubble quail cock or pair. Diggles black throated finch pair. Ballarat
Western Hen, Jacarini finch cock bird.

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