2017 Photo Competition

These were the best bird photos that I have judged in a long time, well

1st Prize:

Black-bellied hummingbird

Cheryl Mares photo Black-bellied Hummingbird was an
outstanding photograph. Colour, sharpness and impact, the bird about to
have a feed has excellent interest.

2nd Prize:

Red capped robin, Bowra

Also by Cheryl Mares another great impact photo, great colour
and sharpness.

3rd Prize:


By David Newman- Male Painted Finch, excellent colour,
sharpness and impact.

There were 19 photos highly commended which was excellent.
Some points to help: photo of birds must be sharp. Watch cropping at
top and bottom of picture, never cut off head/ plumage or feet, watch the
background and depth of field. For impact try to get as close as possible !

Again congratulations on your efforts.

Ian Pym – Judge


A selection of the photos submitted (Click on image for details):